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Campana - Bs.As. - AR - miércoles, 23/oct/2019 - 19:55
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Realmente Motivador, Sorpresivo Y Emocionante...
Cuando Juzgues, Cuando Subestimes, Cuando Te Sientas Que No Puedes…
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27 Feb 13 
Yeah that's what I'm talknig about baby--nice work!
22 Mar 12 
Honestly, I don't watch cable news networks. I slecificaply turn them off at work, because I feel they really make you dumber throughout the day. You're better off watching the local news and reading about specific topics (Wikipedia being a great source of information links).As for positive hobbies, I set monthly goals. For example, being in the military, my staff job has me doing a lot of very tedious paperwork, and its hard to feel like a warrior in the Navy if you edit powerpoint all day. So I made it a goal to work out three times during the week (we're supposed to have time to do that anyway) and spend at least 1 hour a week shooting pistols and rifles at our local range.Suddenly, I got more efficient at work, lost some weight, and felt a lot less stressed out. I recommend doing something once a week that you can track progress on. Shooting is a good one: I can see the progress I make in tighter shot patterns week by week. Learning a foreign language, breaking out that old engineering book and doing some problems, or something else constructive will put you in a better mood. It doesn't need to take a lot of time, but the progress lets you feel like you have taken back a piece of your life, and that you don't just allow life to happen to you.
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